This is the services page. Here you will find a variety of services offered by NEVRENZ Beats and affiliates.
nevrenz x stg
Collabs: $50

Want to work with me? Now is your chance! With a collab purchase, any beats we make together, that are sold, and any royalties collected, are split 50/50. NEVRENZ will also mix and master the beat for you, and upload it to the NEVRENZ Beats website for FREE! If you are a producer looking to sell beats, this is the way forward in your journey!

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Full Mix and Master: $250

Get your Beat, Vocals, and full length tracks, mixed and mastered by NEVRENZ. With over 5+ years of experience in music production, he is known to deliver top of the line quality sound, with a high turnover rate. We use industry-standard equipment to bring out the best of your songs everytime.

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A&R Service: 10% of Beat sale price

NEVRENZ is always in the studio with artists. When NEVRENZ gets a chance to play beats, He doesn't only expect his to be played. Here is an opportunity for you to allow NEVRENZ to get your beats sold to these artists, or turned into a placement opportunity. (REMEMBER! No placements are guaranteed)

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Private Beat Critiques: $10 per submission

This is a fantastic way to get constructive feedback on your beats. With each Beat Critique purchased, NEVRENZ will review your submission, and send you a video of him listening to your beats and critiquing them. All Private Beat critiques are personalized, and kept confidential between you and NEVRENZ Beats.

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80 exp
Public Beat Critiques: $30 per submission

With a purchase of a Public Beat Critique, you get the opportunity to have your beats played to strangers in public to give you their feedback. As if my feedback isn't good enough for you, this is an alternative. All public beat critiques will be posted on the NEVRENZ Beats YouTube Channel.

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